Quality is our growth
Middle East Communications & Wireless Devices Trading LLC (MECOM) actively involved in the field of communication from year 2004. Our   mission   is   to   design,   install   and   support   innovative   products   that   deliver   maximum   customer   satisfaction.      Quality   is   our   growth    we   believe   that if we achieve quality in everything we do, we shall accomplish our mission.
MECOM      is     a     fast     growing     communication company,        actively        involved        in        various communication and infrastructure projects. Over   the   years,   MECOM   has   earned   a   reputation of   providing   quality   services   to   meet   requirements of     major     telecom     players.          This     has     been achieved    by    taking    special    care    in    bringing resources    with    appropriate    skills    for    required projects.  Today    MECOM     has    reached    the    critical    mass, from     where     it     is     ideally     suited     to     provide boundless   service   in   major   areas   of   telecom   & network   technology.     Additionally,   it   has   access   to a    larger    pool    of    resources    thru    flexible    hiring policy. We       offer       services       in       all       areas       of telecommunication,   starting   from   conceptual   and design       phase       to       complete       installation, commissioning and operations.